Humanitarno društvo KID Otrok otrok (Humanitarian Society KID Child to child)

In the society they accept and forward used children’s clothes, shoes, toys, pregnant clothing, buy and sell used baby equipment (trolleys, car seats, beds, rucksacks, baskets, bedding, ...), provide free instructional help for children of lower grades of primary school, organize free language courses, warn of the growing distress of young families, unemployment, and they also have a SAFETY POINT for children, so that they can get help (family violence, at school, on the street, ...). They are also a collection centre of plastic stoppers in the Goriška region.

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Kulturno turistično društvo Lokovec (Cultural Tourism Association Lokovec)

The association combines the locals and lovers of Lokovec, who want to revive the place and preserve life in it. It also came across a positive response of people who had moved out of Lokovec a few decades ago and are now coming back. Many of them actively participate in our work, some of people who spend their free time in this environment on weekends also came into our ranks. The sign of our society is the "perkštajger" nail, which represents our heritage and symbolizes the connection.

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Zavod Karitas Samarijan (Institute Caritas Samaritan)

In the implementation of programs, professional staff are employed in the field of social work and other interconnected areas, they work with external experts to solve specific issues and involve a considerable number of volunteers.

In purpose to help a person when help is really needed, they have developed the following programs:

  • Mother's home Solkan and Karitas home on the road
  • Safe house Caritas for the costal region
  • The rose program
  • Intergenerational centre of Samaritan

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