Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years Contall d.o.o. has built a business model that is based not only on economic performance but also on social and environmental. 
All these three aspects direct company’s activities to a sustainable development, which can have a positive impact on the environment in which it is present.
Being socially responsible is a duty to future generations, but above all, it is the main way to build confidence and credibility for all interested parties and to create value and competitive advantages.


Caring for employees

We are aware that taking care of employees and managing an effective human resources policy is a prerequisite for the success of the company.
We take care for health of our employees by following directions in company's Health promotion plan at the workplace.
It is also important for our employees to coordinate family and professional life, so we have obtained the basic family-friendly company certificate.
Apart from that, our employees are regularly educated for the needs of the profession and for lifelong learning.


Sponsorships and donations

Contall d.o.o. is active in a community that for many years now includes sponsorship and donations in its activities. Sponsored events and projects must coincide with our mission, vision and values. When choosing our sponsorship investments and donations, we focus on projects that contribute to the community and its commitment to sustainable development.

We have already supported organizations from different fields (sports, culture, education, young people and the elderly, etc.) in the local environment and even wider.



Foundation Vrabček upanja (Sparrow of hope)

In addition to donations and sponsorships dedicated to the local environment, in 2009, we established our charity foundation Vrabček upanja, which is dedicated to raising funds for the Department for Disabled Youth and Rehabilitation Stara Gora and other in need. 

Donation option and more about the Foundation HERE.

Jure Robič Foundation

We also joined the establishment of the foundation, whose purpose is primarily to preserve the name and work of Jure Robič, and to support the young cyclists who are following their dreams. In the framework of the Foundation, also runs a campaign named Juhuhu, kolo je to! (Hurrah a bike is here!) which gives to children from socially vulnerable families a bike.

Donation option and more about the Foundation HERE.