About the company

Contall d.o.o. has been providing professional and quality accounting services since 1993, and has developed a wide range of products and support in economic and public sectors throughout the years.

We are registered in the Catalogue of Accounting Services at the CCIS - Chamber of Accounting Services, which is an important guarantee of our quality.
In addition, we follow and comply with all the provisions of the Standard of accounting services providers, as evidenced by the certificate we obtained in 2015.

We have introduced modern IT technology in our work and business processes, which enables us doing digital business operations. By doing so, we can be even more flexible and adaptable to the smallest, or even to the larger and more demanding client.

Employees, both accountants and consultants, also communicate in foreign languages, especially in: English, Italian, Russian, Croatian and Serbian, which enables us to fully adapt to customers outside Slovenia.

An important part of our success is our employee’s satisfaction, which is also evidenced by the Family-Friendly Certification Certificate that we obtained, which further helps them to better coordinate private and professional life, enabling them to dedicate their time to the work with minimal stress.