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Why choose Contall?

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Our advantages

  • We have several years of experience.
  • We guaranty for our services.
  • We collaborate with professional in several sectors to offer you the best services.
  • We offer a complete assistance –from the establishment to an operational company.
  • We have full knowledge of the Slovenian market and markets of ex Yu countries.

You ask, we provide:

  • orientation on real estate market,
  • incentives for entrepreneurs,
  • explanation of the financial and banking system,
  • other sector information.

Our data bank of companies is so large – we can provide you contacts with different potential business partners, you just have to subscriber to the Contall Club, and the membership fee for Contall clients is FREE!

Our guarantees

Catalogue of certified accounting firms in Slovenia
We are registered in the Catalogue under number 044. This proves that we perform our services in accordance with the National regulations.

Standard for Providers of Accounting Services
We also have the certificate to operate in accordance with the Standard for Providers of Accounting Services.

AAA Excellence credit rating certificate
Holders of creditworthiness certificate - AAA – Highest Creditworthiness
Creditworthiness certificate is intended for the best companies with high ethical standards, strong ability to meet current payment obligations and quality services or products. The certificate is an evidence of credibility and reliability of our company.

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