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Establishment of a d.o.o. (LLC)

Minimum share capital: 7.500 EUR
Necessary documents and info:

  • name of the company (must be in Slovene, English or extinct language or invented),
  • address of the company – legal head office,
  • name of the managers,
  • list of activities,
  • bank account of the company.

Expected time: to establish a company it takes at most 1 week

Acquisition of VAT number – ID number

Necessary documents and info:

  • the head office/office must be operative (lease, Slovene telephone and internet domain,…)
  • agreement with clients and suppliers,
  • strategic business plan with objectives  and turnover forecast,
  • agreement with an accountant service provider (Contall d.o.o.).

Expected time: it takes up to 2 months.

Establishment of a company at AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services)

You can establish a one-personal company at a so called VEM point and also a multi-personal company but just if:

  • all quotes are in money and they will be paid prior registration,
  • share holders accept a standard agreement (it can not be modified or articles added),
  • one-personal and the shareholder will have an electronic company register.

Registration of other different types of companies (more complexed types of companies) can be done at Notary offices.

Subsidies and incentives

There are several benefits and incentives for employers, which employs persons of target group:

  • benefits for employing unemployed persons,
  • tax benefits for employing disabled persons,
  • partial exemption of social contributions payment for older employees,
  • partial exemption of social contributions payment at the first entry into the register,
  • partial repayment of social contributions for the first employment of younger persons.

For further information call or write us:

T: 00386 5 330 28 57

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