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About us

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Our vision is to:

  • become leading company of accounting and consulting for the quality of our services,
  • offer complete, innovative and technologically sophisticated products and services,
  • continuous improvement of management services,
  • create secure and stable jobs, always have highly qualified personnel,
  • operate in terms of socially responsible practices and strive to sustainable growth.


The company was established in 1993 to support independent entrepreneurs, companies, associations and other private or legal entites of the financial and accounting area. 
We have professional personel, who attended many seminars and courses. We started to organize seminars, workshops and other forms of education on our own, for our employees and because of the external demand, we begun to offer our services on the market – mostly for the Severna Primorska region.
Since then we have organized several seminars on our own or in collaboration with confirmed lecturers that are experts of accounting, tax consulting and other sectors that our customers are interested in.
In the 2006 our company has acquired a new accounting service which already existed – Maksi Ltd. The management strategy of this company follows the aim to obtain the status of disabled persons’ organization. Its priority will be performing payroll and other personal benefits services, moreover it will provide assistance consultancy in the field of labor law.
The position near the Italian border gives us an advantage for achieving Italian customers which desire to establish a company in Slovenia. Sometimes it is also the opposite when Slovene companies operate in Italy. In the past few years the request for preparation of such documentation, has increased. That is why we decided to collaborate with an important accounting company from Italy, so in 2008 we established together a company named Contall svetovanje Ltd.
We also attended to the project called: “Informatics – work is happiness for a disabled person.” The goal of the project was to include 72 disabled persons in formatting programs and help find jobs for other 13 disabled.
Among others, the company responded to a call of needy children in the department for disabled young people in Nova Gorica. In order to contribute our own piece of mosaic, in late 2008, we joined the activities for setting up foundations and so in April 2009 we established the Foundation “Sparrow of hope”. 
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